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5/12 Nutrition Line-up:
I've been working on my nutrition routine pretty diligently over the past couple months (despite my training set backs due to injury).  Seeming to be getting into a routine with some products that are working.  Most notably I've pretty much standardized on First Endurance product.  Key is staying mainly liquid, though I have been using (successfully) gel shots, assuming I will need them for longer efforts (100k's & 100M, etc).

CLICK HERE - for weekend update with current Nutrition Routine posted near bottom.

3/17 Wish List:
Overview & info on products on my wish list - CLICK HERE

3/12 Drymax Product Review:
Review of the Drymax Hyper Thin No Show Sock: CLICK HERE

2/16 Fave 5 Feature:
Update on trail socks, compression short, handheld, fuel & singlet - CLICK HERE
2/7 Fave 5 Feature:
Suggestions on socks, shorts, compression & jacket - CLICK HERE

Ecco Biom Review:
Currently testing the 2012 spring trail shoe from Ecco Biom
Test Video #1

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