Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Leadville 50 Race Report

Ah, the Leadville 100, where do I begin.  In summary; my race fucking sucked, sincerely, it was awful.

I began the race with a bit of a cranky stomach.  I saw an altercation between some dude who looked like he was from NJ & an old man.  I wish I knew who this dick-bag was but this old guy simply asked him to not shine his flash-light back & the NJ-looking guy threatened him & said "touch me again!!!".  This is within the first 10 miles of a 100 miler!!!  This dude seemed like the biggest dick I had ever seen; poor old dude was just trying to not get flashlight in the ole eye.  So the MOJO was all messed up; then as a result of just too much congestion I missed a rock, took a dive down on my right knee & hip.  Must have caught a rock on my right hip or something.  Mud, gear, pain, dirt everywhere; my first thought was "what an ominous beginning to this race".  Of course I have a history of ITB issues on my right side & I had osgoodslaughters, so the location was perfect as well.

I plugged away, warmed up pretty well in sections.  Then coming into Twin Lakes, rolled my right ankle badly (had rolled my left separately as well).  Sat down for a while, fueled up; then went up Hope Pass, got crushed by altitude.  Had to take a ton of breaks, felt like arse.  Got to the top, hip, knee, ankle pain.  Coming down Hope Pass more hip pain, more discomfort, more frustration & we pulled the plug half way through.  I'm still going a bit back & forth in my mind on some things; as despite all of the above I still had 1:15 before cut-off at Winfield.  But at the time, I felt 100% certain that I made the right decision & my leg did not feel well the remainder of the evening.  I think mostly what I hold is anger; just had wished for an opportunity to execute a race plan & have a good result.  But yea, just a total shit-show; it felt a bit doomed from the beginning.  Didn't really enjoy much of it, parts of the course were enjoyable & I certain had an excellent music play-list, but overall the race was not fun.  I am very glad that it is over & that we can turn the page, hopefully the attitude will subside in the coming days.

So yea, the race was a shit show.  Good times, have a great week everybody.

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