Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back on track

Alright folks!  We are getting back on track here in the midwest.  The memory of Leadville is fading, I'm back to some nice flatland running & I'm already planning out how to turn the page.

Best way to put memories of poor races behind you?  Get out there & get some more races in, allow for better experiences:

TNF Madison - 50 mile, 9/14
Chicago Marathon - pacing 3:55, 10/7
Chicago Lakefront 50/50 - 50 mile, 10/27
Gold Rush - 24 hour, 11/18

I'm even considering a run next week from our house in Aurora, IL to the lake house in Lake Geneva, WI - which would be around 63 miles.  The plan is to do this as a means of transportation to the lake (and it happens to coincide with a stretch where I'll be between jobs & hence have more time available).  Not going to take on any 100s for a bit & definitely going to chill out on the altitude races until next summer.  Focus will be getting fitter & faster & focusing on the 50 mile distance.  Of course I plan to do the 24 hour "Gold Rush" in Texas in November; always wanted to do a timed event, if all goes well I plan to see if I can surpass that 100 mile distance in that race.

Until then - my focus will be getting back to mucho miles & getting fitter.  Hope you're encouraged by my rejuvenated attitude after a couple days of "mental repair" following my defeat at the hands of Leadville.  Cheers!

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