Monday, July 16, 2012

Training Update

Another week in the books & we are getting seriously close to Leadville!  Cannot believe it but the taper is coming up in no time; approx 2.5 weeks of training left & that is it.  This past week I did a combo of a cut-back week & a long run on Saturday; coming off of 3 consecutive huge weeks of training, I took only 2 moderate work-outs during the week & 3 off days, in an effort to both recover & rest for a long effort on Saturday.  Here's a recap of the week & of Saturday's long run.

Week Totals:  70 miles, 13 hours, 4,000' give/take
Mon/Thu/Fri - off days
Tues/Wed - 8 milers, up & down the local hill, approx 1,000' per
Saturday - 45 miles @ Lake Geneva, 2 laps around the lake, 9 hours total
Sunday - 9.11 miles - hot recovery run, along the local flat running trail

Lake Geneva Double:
Saturday morning I set out early (about 4:45a local time) to try & tackle 2 loops around Lake Geneva in Lake Geneva, WI where we have a family lake house.  My goal for the training was to be on my feet for 8-10 hours & really focus on a long sustained effort working on proper eating, hydrating, etc.  The lake path isn't overly up & down but the footing is completely horrible & that is the main challenge; it is stones, un-even, always wet (due to the rich peoples sprinkler systems & low-lying areas) & on this morning it rained for an hour or two.  So it was a very very wet run; once the rain let up it got warm & humid.  Though in the Midwest this summer, when is it not hot & humid?

Run went pretty well, had a general lack of energy, felt quite sore at times.  But I took it easy, ate & drank quite well for the majority of the day.  Did quite a bit of hiking during the more technical or brutal footing sections which really helped on Sunday.  I was certainly tired but physically I felt excellent the next day; which was key.  A running buddy told me, "go easy, don't bury yourself & you should feel like you could go out for another 10 hours the next day".  While maybe I didn't feel like I could go out for another 10 hours the next day, I felt great, not really sore.  My feet are banged up though; if you follow me on twitter, I posted a pic & discussed what only can be described as a rash or some sort of skin irritation due to wet socks.  Very very bizarre, so I might want to get that looked at before Leadville.  But otherwise, a positive weekend.

Final training plans:
My plan is to do a full 14 day taper for Leadville & no insane runs for the last 3 weeks before.  I will get back to my normal very high volume this week, trying to get as much strength/incline work as possible in.  Not as much worried about mileage as much as total work time, going to make sure I go big.

Still feeling that I need more practice with long extended runs, (i.e., over 6 hours); so I plan to do 1 more long workout like I did this weekend, probably will come on Saturday the 28th, approx 3 weeks before the race.  That will be my training finale, nothing longer than 20 miles after that & the final 14 days will be no more than 50% volume; weekend before I will limit workouts to 90 minutes.  Then it's all about ironing out the logistics.  Stay focused & finish it up & go in confident, that's the plan.


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