Friday, July 27, 2012

Leadville Bound!

Sitting here at LAX waiting on my Southwest flight into Denver for a little trainer up at Leadville tomorrow.  Cannot wait to get out on the course.  I will be joining Eric Strand & Jerry Armstrong for a 50 mile trainer from Leadville to Winfield.  This will be the long last run before the official taper begins.  This will be a good challenge with the lack of taper, lack of altitude adjustment & so on; oh people love excuses right?

 In more exciting news - Team Viper added another sponsor for the Leadville 100 this week.  Brute Outdoors will join the team; Brute is a Texas based company that boasts the best 5 day cooler on the market.  My buddy Sean at CutThroat Anglers recommended them to me as the best in coolers for outdoor activities.  We got a fresh set of trucker hats coming for Leadville & of course will have cold beverages!

On the training front; things have been going well recently.  Focus has been purely on the long training sessions for the purpose of practicing nutrition.  Have actually increased the cross training (focused on strength) recently.  But things have been going well; so hopefully tomorrow will be a good pump & we'll jump into taper.

Here's my recent work:

July 9 week:  70 miles, 17 hours of work - 45 miler on Saturday in 9:17
July 16 week:  86 miles, 15 hours of work - 45 miler on Sunday in 8:13
July 23 week:  40 miles, 8 hours of work - 50 planned in Leadville on Saturday.

July Mileage:  339.19
Year to Date:  2395.48

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