Saturday, May 12, 2012

Weekend Update

Lots of running action going on this weekend!  If you're like me you were following the iRunFar coverage of the 2012 Transvulcania ultra in Spain > what an awesome race with a stacked field & excellent coverage.  There were/are also a couple other ultras this weekend as well:  Ice Age 50 (which it sounds like Zach Bitter dominated), Massanutten & the Zion 100.  Shout out to Brian Kamm of Utah (who I ran with at the Antelope Island 50 miler) for taking 3rd place at Zion - check out the results HERE.  Awesome job & not surprising, Brian is a fantastic runner!  Placing in front of him were incredible runners Jay Aldous & Gary Gellin.

Light weekend for me on the running front as I'm testing out the Achilles with a long(ish) run tomorrow morning.  Got in a nice 13 miler yesterday afternoon, did a nice strength session of 1 hour on the StairMaster this afternoon, mixed with a ton of stretching.  Will go out tomorrow for somewhere in the 20-26 mile distance range; with a goal of practice race nutrition & hoping the Achilles & legs feel comfortable.

First Endurance Pre-race Capsule:  x2 1 hour prior
S! Caps:  x2 30 min prior
EFS Drink - lemon lime:  x1 scoop per bottle alternating w/water
Liquid Shot - kona mocha:  x1 bottle @ 400 cals per hour
Clif Shot Mocha:  x1 per 25 min (alternating w/Liquid Shot)

Week Recap:
Mon - 9.10 @ 8:42 per
Tue - 10.30 @ 8:49 per
Wed - 12.01 @ 8:42 per
Thu - 8.40 Run/Stair/Run - 8:40's + 240 floors
Fri - 13.05 @ 8:39 per
Sat - 1 hour StairMaster - 250 floors
Sun - long run

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