Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Saw some tweets & news highlights about this stat this week & most recently tonight even my wife commented on this - AMERICA IS FAT & GETTING FATTER.

If you missed the article, there was a news release by the US Center for Disease Control & Prevention this week that states that by 2030 42% of the US population will be obese.  Link to article.

My message to everyone is - don't be afraid to get a little workout in.  I feel like I get a lot of criticism by family members, customers, friends, etc that really don't get my running addiction; don't get the fact that I don't drink much anymore & that I don't like "normal food".  Well this just in folks; the "norm" for society is not normal, is not healthy & is not acceptable.

Now, I'm not asking that everyone work themselves to fail every night like our poor friend the monkey to the right.  But get into a routine, switch up the foods a bit & for the love of god, don't criticize people for working out or eating healthy.  Enough of my rant.

Back to the running - heel cups & KT Tape have been my savior this week!  They seem to take the tension off the Achilles much better than the other orthotics I had tried; mostly pain free running & have been able to get back to more normal mileage; here's the workouts & the plan for the weekend:

Mon > 9.10 @ 8:42 pace (mostly flatter runs this week due to achilles)
Tue > 10.30 @ 8:49 pace
Wed > 12.01 @ 8:42 pace
Thu/Fri > mod mileage - stairmaster hammerfest (strength, strength, strength)
Sun - targeting 20 miler
May 20 - pacing Schaumburg, IL marathon
June 2 - Kettle Moraine 100k

Going to nurse the Achilles back, once returning to more normal will resume the normal hill/vert festivities.  Until then will be working on mileage, Achilles comfort; strength work will have to come via power hiking TM & the StairMaster.

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