Thursday, May 24, 2012

Training Update

Last Sunday was the Chicagoland Spring Marathon in Schaumburg, IL; nice little suburban marathon which ended up being very flat & very hot!  Temps hit near 90 by 11a (7a start) & the race was predominantly run on asphalt; so yea good times!

I paced the 4:00 group; finishing in 3:59:39 & kept close to goal pace the majority of the race.  Best news yet, Achilles felt super solid!  Garmin Data from the race.  If you're local in Chicago, this race is a great PR target for sure if it's a good weather year.

Hopped on a plane for LA Monday morning for a couple days of work & was also able to in a couple great runs.  On Tuesday evening I was able to catch up with @RunWicked & @SallyMcRae for a 17 miler around the Palos Verdes Peninsula, just south of Redondo in the LA area.  Awesome night time run in a new setting for me; great variety of terrain, some quality night shots overlooking Redondo, Manhattan, etc.  The runners weren't bad company as well  :)  Once again, the Achilles was also behaving very well, so hopefully this is a sign of things to come in terms of physical health!

Quite the whirlwind stretch of days - with a 2 day trip to Virginia on Thurs/Fri of last week, Cubs/Sox event Saturday, pacing duties Sunday, early flight to LA Monday, some running, more travel.  Definitely going to enjoy the 3 day weekend.

On the training front - since things appear to be headed in the right direction, plan is to keep training hard thru the weekend & then get in a 5 day power taper for the Kettle Moraine 100k on June 2nd.  So between now & then I will just take care of the Achilles & watch the weather forecast.  It has been HOT & humid early this season in the midwest; this Sunday is calling for mid 90s & humid in Chicago.  Good time to get out & get some free heat training.  Still going to see an ART doc on Friday to get some assistance; was referred to a great doc at Midwest Sport & Spine by @PaigeRuns.

Recap of the last couple weeks:
Week ending 5/20:  82.10 miles, 12:47:26 running time
Mon:  10.02
Tue:  7.20 w/cross
Wed:  19.40 double-day
Thu:  12.10 @ 9:05 per w/1,500'
Fri:   off
Sat:  7 mile @ 8:40
Sun:  26.25 @ 9:05 per

Week ending 5/17:  in progress
Mon:  9.37 @ 9:05 w/621' (LA run)
Tue:  17.10 w/2,800' (night run)
Wed:  travel
Thu:  double-day #1 9.00 miles w/1,100'
                           #2 10.00 miles 2/400' @ 9:00
Week:  45.47 miles, 4,563'

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