Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kettle Game-plan

Getting all organized for the trip up to the Kettle Moraine State forest for the 100k race on Saturday AM at the Kettle Moraine 100.

Thrilled with the taper week leading into this race; despite undoubtedly over-training my Achilles issue have been not present for some time now & I feel about 100% going into this one.  Very excited to extend my personal long distance out a bit (previous long race is 50 miles) & get some quality time in on the pure forested single track of the Kettle Moraine.

Race plan is to be pretty cautious due to the Achilles & more specifically my goal of the season is to have a successful Leadville.  That being said, I do not need to be re-injured during this weekend & need to be fully recovered by June 17 for my planned vert-fest in Summit County!  By now you may know of my pet peeve of people who refer to races as "training runs" or down-playing races, so that I most certainly will not do.  I certainly will have goals & a plan/strategy for Saturday & hope to meet my expectations in terms of execution of that plan.

A Goal:  sub 11 hours (100k)
B Goal:  sub 12 hours (100k)
C Goal:  don't shit my shorts

So this is no perfect trainer for Leadville being it's in the midwest & all; but this wonderful forest track does have some good rolling hill terrain; below is the course profile.  Most important to me is the fueling, nutrition & time on feet practice.  My main A Goal aside from time is to effectively eat & drink for the 10-12 hours it may take me on Saturday & hopefully remain healthy for my upcoming training session in Colorado.

Gels - Clif Shot Mocha
EFS Liquid Shot
EFS Drink
GU Roctane

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