Monday, April 16, 2012

Week Recap

So the Lake Sonoma 50 over the weekend did not disappoint! The coverage on twitter via iRunFar was stellar as usual & Dakota Jones smashed the course record by some 50 minutes or so with 7 men going under Hal Koerner's previous CR of 7:08. Just wild stuff, very impressive. Let's keep in mind, that I believe this course has over 10,000' of climb; so that pace is just incredible - we are not worthy. Check out the post-race interview Dakota that Bryon Powell did.

I wrapped up a pretty solid week of work; though after Sunday I'm a bit knicked up again. I think the injury bug is just in the air, either that or I'm a complainer - safe to say probably a little bit of both. I've had some tenderness in the left achilles over the past bunch of weeks, but nothing contentious to this point; however Sunday it became more aggitated toward the end of my long run. Today, quite a bit sore & somewhat sore to the touch; but all in line with Achilles Tendinosis, nothing very severe. So I have been working extremely hard on the 20 on, 20 off regimen; you know inbetween family time work, travel to Virginia, etc. (good times).

At any rate - there's a good reason for soreness. Capped off the week with a nice hill workout on Friday night (finally fully shaking the shin splint from earlier in the week); Saturday I put in a 3:45 mix of hill & treadmill incline work & then Sunday I finished the week with a 24 mile track run at 8:27 pace. Saw a nice bump or resurgence in energy on the weekend which was fun. Now to nurse the legs back to health!

By the numbers:

Mon: 5 miles easy
Tue: 10.28 hill work
Wed: 13.10 arboretum run (moderately hilly)
Thu: 10.00 7 mile tread sesh (3 mile cool track)
Fri: 12.02 mile hill work, 2,733' gain
Sat: 21.50 mile hill/TM mix, 4,200' gain
Sun: 24.00 mile track @ 8:27 per
Total: 95.93 miles, 16:15 total running time, 12,676' gain

Next race up is Miwok 100k on May 5

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