Tuesday, April 24, 2012


As any of you who follow me on Twitter (@ViperBWM) well know, it's been a crazy last week over here in Team Viper land.

So here's the scoop on what is going on: Last Thursday, at 7:15a I went in to have a routine excision of two suspicious type moles on my back (kind of center, mid back). I went to the practice of Rios & Lapinski in Joliet, IL. Something was up from the get-go; they had originally intended to only remove 1 abnormal (based on pathology reporting) mole, but while initially being examined they had difficulty deciphering which was which & then in the end decided to simply remove both moles due to size & shape. Which was fine by me, because hey, why risk them developing into something abnormal or cancerous down the road right? So that happens, back to work, back to life; I take Thursday & Friday off of running planning to do a long run while in Ohio visiting family on Saturday & hopefully be back to normal.  My back is constantly sore & aching, in a good deal of pain but I just assume, hey I had 2 moles cut out, it's supposed to suck.

Well I never really got back to normal; it was constant discomfort from Thursday on, I still got my 32 miler in on Saturday (and honestly it was the best I've felt since Wednesday night, clipped off a flat 32 miler @ 8:40 pace), Sunday morning did a little 5k (easy 8:47 pace) with the family. Again, still feeling horrible & uncomfortable throughout. The location is really the key here, the center of the back is the worst spot possible for stitches; we're talking 2 incisions with 3/4 stitches in each respectively, pretty good size little wounds. Sunday is when things took a turn for the worse; about the time we returned home from Ohio things just got worse, started to feel a bit feverish, swelling occured in the back & the skin got even worse. Things had been generally bad each day since Thursday & of course by Saturday when we realized there was no improvement we knew there was reason to be concerned (might I add I was accused of over-reacting). This prompted a call & pictures to be sent into the Doctor (pics are attached below); of course he prescribes antibiotics immediately & calls me in for a consult Monday morning first thing. That is the point at which things went from unpleasant to Saw V in a hurry.

So they basically need to do some site drainage for local infection - so the doc takes a knife to my back with no numbing, no pain meds, no nothing; just re-opening of two wounds & forced draining of a bunch of nasty stuff. At which point they instruct me that we are going to be keeping these sites open, letting them heal from the inside out (a wet to dry type gauze treatment for those in the biz). So needless to say it's been continued discomfort all day Monday & today as I let these things heal & have my poor nurse wife administer home care of a constantly bitching & tweeting patient who just wants to go work, go running & get back to normal shenanigans.  All work from home for a while until things really get going in the right direction & oh yea, it hurts basically all the time & with the location of the wound, there's not much you can do that doesn't involve f*cking with the skin.

Bad news is, we are not really sure how long these will take to heal & medical people are concerned about the possibility of further infection. So the running thing is on the back burner for a bit; and unfortunately we're about to pull the plug on Miwok in a week & a half. At the end of the day, the wound probably still won't be fully healed by then & I'm not going to be much of a fan of covering it & worrying about infection for 10-11 hours out on trails. So I'm thinking it's best to just let this thing run it's course, get healthy & get back into training mode for Leadville.  The good news is, I've promised my wife that due to the fact that she accused me of over-reacting & she was in charge of my wound care from the beginning (which got infected), I've decided to double the amount of races I will do the remainder of the season to make up for this inconvenience of missing running & Miwok.    Here's an idea of the location, promising a wound pic later tonight for those gore-aholics >>

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