Friday, April 6, 2012

Training Update

Quick update on the training front this week -

1st off - Monday's doc appointment went great, x-ray confirmed 100% normal knees; knee pain was simply continued IT Band discomfort. Phew, huge relief & a rigorous foam rolling, stretching routine has got me on the right path.

Huge improvements in recovery this week; not my normal pace fully back yet, but climbing, distance & work-loads are all getting back on track. Got over 100 & got a good amount of time on my feet. Focus has been on building back in hill/incline work & manufacturing elevation gain to prepare for the Miwok 100k & ultimately Leadville. Hasn't been the most fun type of training runs, example - today's 19 miler (which was a total bonkfest) was just continuous small hill repeats; essentially run to one small hill, run it a bunch of times, then run over to the other, run it a bunch of times, then back to the other one, then back to the.....well you get the drift here. Anyways, here are the numbers....

Mon: 12.01 @ 8:49, 423' gain
Tue: 9.00 @ 11:46, 3,287' gain (TM Sesh)
Wed: 14.12 @ 8:49, 1,247' gain
Thu: 13.27 @ 9:31, 1,037' gain
Fri: 11.08 @ 10:21, 1,594' gain
Sat: x2 #1 8.07 @ 8:01, 312' gain #2 13.05 @ 8:34, 518' gain
Sun: 19.27 @ 10:05, 2,507' gain
- Sunday's Garmin Data

Week Total: 101.51 mi, 11,079' gain, 16:38:29 running time

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