Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fuel Update

After a few weeks of EFS Drink utilization & testing of the EFS Liquid Shot during my last 50 I've finally made the jump over to First Endurance for the fuel. Been loving the info (via their blog), the info out there from the other ultra-racers (Team FastEd, Tim Olson, etc) & have been digging my first experiences with EFS Drink as well. Here's what I got en route:
EFS Liquid Shot - Tray of 6 Kona Mocha + 30 oz refill x2
EFS Drink - x2 canister of Orange
Ultragen - x1 canister of Orange Cream
OptygenHP - x1 bottle (for next training cycle)

Check out this video describing the use of OptygenHP if you're not familiar with this product, very interesting stuff. Let me know if you have any thoughts on any of these products or questions.

Here's where we're at & what's planned for the rest of the week with training. Still taking it easy a bit on the achilles, feeling much better but a little tender here & there. I would like the personally thank our ice machine at home, I've been in an almost constant 20 on, 40 off cycle of icing for the last 4 days, good times!


Mon: easy 5 miler (very sore)
Tue: easy 10.25 mile @ 9:05 w/733' gain
Wed: *double* 9.12 @ 8:57 w/636' gain, 7.00 @ 12:15 w/2,904' gain
Thu/Fri: potential off days
Sat: long run - TBD - will be in Ohio
Sun: TBD - potential 5k in Ohio

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