Saturday, March 17, 2012

Wish List

So I'm building a wish list - of new running related products that I'm looking forward to trying & want to try. Like every other ultra runner; I'm definitely a gear addict, so definitely not unusual to be spending weekends looking at new product.

Shoe - as we are in the midst of spring there are a myriad of new shoes on the market or being released. I've been in the Saucony brand, since about last May (Kinvara/Peregrine line referred to be by Mr Tony Portera for training for the Grand Tetons 50). I run primarily in the Kinvara 2 & then the Peregrine & Exodus 2 for the trail. Have had mostly very solid experiences & like everyone else, I cannot wait to give the Kinvara 3 a try when it's launched in May. Below is an interview with Patrick O'Malley, SVP of Global Product at Saucony, discussing the Kinvara 3 ~ VIDEO

Gear - The Spry by UltrAspire:
Been dying to try this quick pack since they launched it earlier this year or late last year. Just a huge fan of having room for gear & never been an overly huge fan of waste packs. The combo of light-weight portability seems like it would be a natural fit for me here. Plus the UltrAspire team has such a great reputation & support of the ultra community, love trying out their product.

Nutrition - EFS Liquid Shot Kona-Mocha Prototype by 1st Endurance:
First Endurance is another brand (who I remarkably have yet to try any products of) with a stellar reputation in the ultra community & one that has most notably very loyal supporters at the front of the pack. So this new product the "Kona-Mocha" Liquid Shot has garnered much hype via twitter banter at early season races this year (via race reports & blogs linked below). And I must say, this sounds like a tasty nutritional product & is definitely on my radar to start working some of this EFS product into my next training cycle. Many top ultra runners continue to rave about the use of First Endurance & specifically EFS Liquid shot > ex: Scott Jaime race report, Tim Olson 'Run SOB Run' post, & Nick Clark week recap.

Please let me know if you have any feedback & thoughts on any of these products. Definitely looking forward to giving them a go & looking forward to start working with First Endurance products coming soon!

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