Saturday, March 17, 2012

Taper Update

While my bracket may have blew up like everyone elses with the losses of Missouri & Duke; I've been holding things together quite well here in my "back-off week" or "taper week", whatever you'd like to call it. My plan for this week has been a quite drastic cut in mileage to rest up a bit; being as that I haven't had any cut-back weeks in the last 7. Plan has been to rest up a few things that have been nagging that I haven't given any rest but to stay fresh, keep the leg turn-over going & then a few taper days before the 50 miler in Utah next Saturday.

Been keeping the workouts short, but keeping the intensity pretty solid. My normal mileage has been in the 90-95 range, so trending at 40-50 for this week will put me at about 50% in workout quantity, then take 5 days of severe taper next week before the race on Saturday will hopefully put me very fresh at the starting line for a good race. Keeping my normal routine of daily foam rolling, stretching & perfect push-ups as well. Here's what the week has looked like:
Mon: 4 miles @ 7:48
Tue: 5.69 miles @ 8:49 (errand run)
Wed: 6.01 miles @ 9:14 (hill work)
Thu: 6.00 miles, 2,218' climb (TM sesh)
Fri: 7.00 miles @ 9:31 (TM strides)
Sat: 12.00 miles @ 7:48 (waub creek trail)
Sun: TBD

No surprise at all, but we are seeing some fantastic coverage by iRunFar of the Chuckanut 50k being run today. Bryon & Meghan always do such a great job of coverage & what an incredible race, talk about some speedsters. These types of races are what definitely motivates me to get a lot faster, the speed of this field is very incredible, men & women alike. If you haven't seen them yet, iRunFar has the preliminary results from Chuckanut & you can follow them on twitter for more updates on the race - iRunFar Results


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