Friday, March 30, 2012

Recovery & Knee Update

Been a LONG week! But there is a light at the end of the tunnel my friends; knee has been coming around quite well & I'm back to running & feeling better & better by the day. And I cannot tell you how relieving it is to simply be moving, running again; it's amazing how a few days of relative inactivity can feel so terrible when you're used to pretty high volumes of mileage.

Knee update - so thankfully since Sunday I have had 0 external or meniscus or cartilage type pain in the knee. I'm not sure why I was having that pain on Saturday after the race, but that has completely subsided & hopefully I've dodged a bullet there. During the week I did have some swelling & seeming inflammation of the patella tendon & what is best described as my "osgood slaughters bump" or that calcium deposit just at the top of my tibia, where the patella connects. I've been on a STEADY diet of ice, like every other 20 minutes I've been at home & tons of my 2XU Compression Socks (thanks 2XU!!). I've been very pleased as the swelling has pretty much completely subsided since Monday/Tuesday & thus I've been dealing with pretty usual post 50 mile soreness, stiffness, etc.

Resuming running - nothing exciting to speak of for workouts this week; took an easy 3 mile jog on Monday which seemed to be "too soon" for me, so I took Tuesday off & got back to a light routine on Wednesday. So counting Sunday I essentially had 3 full recovery days; during which I did tons of icing (as previously discussed), ridiculous amounts of foam rolling, stretching & push-ups. Hoping to get more moderate workouts in this weekend hopefully continued improvement in general feeling; will look to increase the mileage workout volume next week, with some increased intensity workouts on Tuesday/Thursday then see what I can do to extend a couple workouts next weekend.

Here's how the miles look this week:
Mon: 3 miles @ 12:00
Tues: 0 miles - heavy stretch, foam roll, ice, repeat
Wed: 3.36 miles @ 9:41, .93 lawn mow
Thu: 6.22 miles @ 9:14
Fri: 10.31 miles @ 8:42
Sat: 11.14 miles @ 8:40 *felt great, good bounce back

Still going to get the knee checked out bright & early Monday morning by Dr. Brian Cole at Rush downtown Chicago (he did my left scope in '05) & is the Bulls team doc. Figured, given the pain I had last Saturday & the amount of big running I have left I should atleast get it looked at & I had the opportunity to get in to see Dr. Cole again so I took it. Wish me luck please, really hoping for a prescription of "heavy mileage". Cheers!

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