Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Recap: week ending March 4

Solid week of work topped off by Sunday's 38 miler at the Morton Arboretum. Will do 1 more week of high mileage then we'll get into taper time for the Buffalo Run 50 on March 24!

Total: 98 miles, 16:10 running time, 11,700' vert (3 tread + Garmin data)
Mon: 8 mile, 1:20 run around Lake Patterson
Tue: 11 mile, 2:20 tread, 3,761' vert
Wed: 12 mile, 2:20 tread, 2,700' vert
Thu: 12 mile, 2:25 tread, 3,854' vert
Fri: 17 mile, 2:19 track, 8:10 per mile
Sat: OFF DAY!!!!!!
Sun: 38 mile, Garmin Data

Still getting to know my new Garmin 910xt w/HRM but it has been fantastic to get all this data. Up until this point I've been running with simply an inexpensive Timex, so having the GPS, HRM, etc is just killer. Still working on using the Altimeter, but I feel like it requires some sort of higher level of education to calibrate that thing, hopefully I'll figure it out eventually so I can have some better readings for vertical training.

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