Monday, March 12, 2012

Recap: week ending March 11

Last week of training before my power taper for the Buffalo Run 50 in Utah on March 24. Going to be tough to give up going out every night & "collecting data", as I call training with my still relatively new Garmin 910xt (I am completely geeking out over this data). But after many consecutive heavy weeks of training, I need rest & no better reason then for a nice 50 miler on Antelope Island to kick off the 2012 season.

Here's how the week looked:

Total: 90 miles, 14:21 time, 11,500' (cautious estimate).
Mon: 8 mile recovery @ 8:40 pace, outdoor trail/pave mix
Tue: 10 mile recov @ 8:49 pace, outdoor trail/pave mix
Wed: 12 mile TM sesh, 4,250', 2:16 work
Thu: 12 mile hill sesh, 1,000' est, 1:56 work
Fri: 15 mile track @ 7:54 pace (tempo)
Sat: 13 mile TM sesh, 4,936', 2:35 work
Sun: 20 mile @ 8:42, outdoor paved hilly trail

Garmin Calendar data #ViperData

And with that, we commence the 12 day power taper. Which I refer to as a power taper or as some call a "hard taper"; because it is short in duration, but drastic in mileage cut. Don't really have much in mind for this week other than very short runs; couple with high intensity, but very short in duration. Did some math over the weekend & here's how my last 7 thru the last 16 weeks of training have looked & hence the need for some good old fashion taper:

Trailing 7 weeks: 94.40 avg miles per week
Trailing 16 weeks: 89.89 avg miles per week
Last 7 weeks time running: 14.50, 15.20, 17.40, 15.00, 16.45, 16.11, 14.20.

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