Friday, March 23, 2012

Go Time

Tomorrow I get to partake in a running race; how exciting! For a while there I thought I was just an ultra-trainer. Seems like forever since I've had the opportunity to race. Chilling here in my home-away-from-home, aka a Hilton Hotel in Layton, UT getting ready for the Buffalo Run 50 miler tomorrow on Antelope Island here in the Salt Lake City area.

As you can see from the above, I've got my race fuel all set; looking like it's going to be a Thin Mint & Waffle type of day. Below I've got a couple shots of some of the other gear I'll be putting to use tomorrow. Definitely looking forward to seeing what this Antelope Island has to offer; I've heard it's beautiful, pretty flat & a great place to run, so hopefully it will treat me kind. I will say this, after having a full 5 days of pretty much full taper & a 50% mileage week last week I am mentally ready to get out there for a full day & physically I feel not bad. Past that, work & family stuff have kept me so busy I haven't had an inordinate amount of time to really mill over the details, although I feel pretty organized from a logistical (gear, fuel, strategy) perspective.

So lots of people don't like to get into their goal, times, hopes for races, etc. And I get that, people don't like pressure, don't like let down, etc & at the end of the day to each his own. But, I like setting goals, I like discussing my plans because it creates accountability. Example; if I say my #1 goal is to PR & I don't PR, I'm probably going to have 450 very disappointed twitter followers, not to mention my 4 pissed off blog readers. So for me, I'd rather dig deep & do what needs to be done to prevent such things. I also used to be a HUGE gambler (back in the day before I grew up....cough, 2 years ago); so I like thinking about the odds, predicting outcomes, setting over/unders & so forth. Love reading Karl Meltzer's site (he is actually racing the 100 miler right now, started noon mtn time Friday) & how he does the odds on the big 100 milers. Once ultra-running finally goes fully mainstream I'm sure the Vegas casino's will start offering betting lines on atleast the Grand Slam ultras.

A) sub 7:30
B) top 10 overall
C) PR > 7:44 current 50 mile
Over/Under) 7:30:59 ~ tweet me your wagers @ViperBWM

If I suck tomorrow, give me all sorts of hell, please.


  1. 4 blog followers? I'm kinda feeling like a creeper...

    Enjoy the day. Yell at my boy Dan Vega while you're out there.

    1. haha - thanks man, don't think of it as creepy just think of it as you "got in at the ground level". before following viperbwm was just the popular thing to do, you were here, i will remember. i'm probably going to miss Dan, he's doing the 100 miler which is actually going on right now & the fast guys will be done before i even get to the island (assuming he runs around his time last year). looking forward to getting out there


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