Thursday, March 1, 2012

the Girl Scout Cookie Experiment

Aside from "running a lot of miles", the #1 thing I have been working on has been knowledge of nutrition in preparation for Leadville. The art of eating consistent calories, the proper products to be taking throughout a 100 miler is undoubtedly going to be huge in my finishing time. So I thought, hey, why not practice some unusual tactics?

Enter the "Girl Scout Cookie Experiment". This weekend I will be doing a long run; approx 35-37 miles or so which will be fueled solely by Girl Scout cookies. At first glance, I thought that this is a pretty shitty product to eat for 5-6 hours of running. But upon further inspection, this might not be that bad. The sugar actually isn't ridiculous, the fiber isn't bad, there's lot of carbs. The downside is definitely the Saturated fat, almost certainly there is much more SatFat then I need for a long run. But hey, that's what makes it fun right? And anyone who's eaten these little devils knows that the taste will have to make up for whatever potential side-effects that could occur.

So from a calorie stand point - if I run 37 miles, at approx 9:00 min/mile pace, I will be running for about 5.5 hours. 1 box of thin mints has 160 calories per serving, times 7 servings & that lands you with 1,120 calories per box. By that rationale, 1 box of thin mints would offer me approx 203 calories per hour during a 5.5 hour run. Why not try that?


  1. went great, working up a recap here in a few, gathering the Garmin data as well. my initial summary is this: i love cookies. -Viper


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