Monday, March 12, 2012

Drymax Hyper Thin

So welcome to summer Chicago! Last weekend, doing my 38 miler (girl scout cookie experiment) it was 24F at the start w/a balmy real feel of 16F according to my favorite meteorologist Cheryl Scott of NBC 5 Chicago. Now this Sunday, boom, it's damn near 70F for a 20 miler & I've officially got the first sunburn of the season.

That being said, time to start thinking seasonally, about different gear. This week I started testing some new (new to me that is) Drymax product, which included their Hyper Thin No Show Socks. I've been running in Drymax for the past year & a half, but almost exclusively in their Trail & Max Protect trail socks, which I'm still in love with. But as many of you know I've been doing more & more Treadmill work to get specific incline workouts in that I cannot get naturally here in the pancake-flat Chicagoland area. So I have been looking for some thinner, cooler socks for Treadmill workouts & apparently for the summer running that is already here in Chicago.

General review - nothing but love for the Hyper Thin sock, not surprised that I would describe this sock as living up to my Drymax expectations. No surprise, the fit of these socks is tight, thin & you immediately notice a lack in substance from the trail sock & they provide that almost no-sock like feel in the shoe. I used them for two 2.5 hour treadmill runs this week & had 0 blister, 0 hot-spot action & pretty great comfort throughout. I wear these with my Kinvara 2 which I use for pavement, indoor, track work; I perhaps buckled down the shoes a bit tighter then usual due to the simple fact that there is a bit more room with the Hyper Thin then there is with a Trail sock. But I experience no slipping or movement in the shoe, no hot-spots & did notice a temperature benefit. With significant incline work during these Treadmill sessions these are definite warm workouts; so I noticed an immediate benefit for wearing a much lighter sock during such a workout while of course still not having to consider blister/hot-spots.

I would highly recommend these if you're looking for some spring/summer socks &/or socks for treadmill, indoor, street use. I also highly recommend the Lite Trail, man are they comfortable! I buy these from Running Warehouse, see below:

Hyper Thin No Show
Lite Trail

My standards as referenced above:
Trail Run 1/4 Crew
Max Protect (caution these are beastly)
Cold Weather (buy these in red & wear with Van's)

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