Sunday, March 25, 2012

Buffalo Run 50

Well I survived - I think I may have went 0 for 3 in goals, but we shall see. Ended up finishing with a 7:54, a ways off of my PR, but I did all I could. I will have a race recap to follow, but in short; I could not keep the heart rate in check enough early in the race during the climbing & technical sections. I knew I was working too hard but I just kept being aggressive in hopes if I kept the fuel high I could power through. But my energy was zapped during the flatter sections when the sun got high & the temps got quite warm.

I possibly got top 10 but not sure, at the 33 mile turn around I had counted 9 runners in front of me & I passed 1 from there on in; but at the 43 mile aid station I was told I was in 13th. None of the aid station people knew anything the entire day & the dude definitely didn't seem too confident but i was counting runners during the hottest part of the race, so I could have been delirious as well.

Past that just trying to recover well, ice my knee & get back to Chicago!

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