Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Workouts & Sponsors

From Day 1 my motto has been, "if horses use treadmills, why shouldn't humans?", yeah not so much. But if you follow me on Twitter or are a follower of the blog you know that the treadmill training has been a topic of discussion for a while. The key thing for me is two-fold; one I travel a decent amount for work & workout at very odd hours frequently. Secondly, I live in an uber flat suburb of Chicago which unfortunately does not offer me much in the way of elevation. So I have been working towards creating new ways to get my climbing work in, in preparation for 2 focus races this year, Leadville & Miwok.

Today a fellow road warrior Scott Jamie, weighed in on the subject via his blog Team Fast Eddy. Read his post on treadmill workouts & his most recent 50k recap; great training strategy & fueling info, I found this incredibly beneficial. Now obviously, Scott is just simply a much faster & skilled runner than I am but these but these two different tactics Scott discusses can be applied equally for those training at any pace, distance, etc. A couple key takeaways for me here: 1) the speed, I need to greatly improve the speed of my workouts. even if I need to sacrifice mileage for quality or intensity that is well worth it & needed. 2) the building style work-out exuded here is an excellent preparatory work-out for the eventual goal of completing the Anita Ortiz work-out(s). Scott works towards LT at the peak of the work-out which will certain help build towards more sustained efforts at higher % inclines as needed to complete the Anita Ortiz or "Pikes Peak" work-out. An example of where I'm currently at today:

* 1 mile w/u @ 5.5 mph
* .25 mile @ 5% @ 5.0 mph
* .25 mile @ 6% @ 5.0 mph
* .25 mile @ 7% @ 5.0 mph
* .25 mile @ 8% @ 5.0 mph
* .25 mile @ 9% @ 5.0 mph
* .25 mile @ 10% @ 5.0 mph
* 1 mile c/d @ 5.5 mph @ 4% ** repeated x4 for 1.0 mile at each level

Obviously a long ways to go for Anita or Scott-style workouts; but there are clearly lots of tactics & it is undoubtedly a quality way to tax the legs in a climbing format. I also must note; for some reason I am the worlds slowest treadmill runner, don't know what is up with that, but I just run extremely slow, will improve this great very soon, so stay tuned. Please comment if you have any other ideas, comments, questions.

This week I signed on with Drymax Socks & Sugoi Apparel for the 2012 running season as an official sponsored athlete & brand champion respectively! Very excited to be working with both brands; both brands have been products that I truly utilize & believe in & am very happy to be getting to know some quality brands & people in the ultra/running industry. Over the last year I have been using mainly Drymax Trail 1/4 socks (both regular & max protect) for all my running. I recently started using one of their no-show thinner summer socks as well. On the Sugoi side I've been hooked on the 42k split for quite a while, for me this is the best running short. When I was fatter I also used the Speerhead short; this winter have been utilizing their compression shorts, knickers & of course, my favorite the helium jacket. Check out my "Fave Five" section to see the product I buy from Running Warehouse.


  1. Good stuff Team Viper! Looks like we are on the same paths training and racing. See you at Leadville, if not before. Look forward to following your progress through the TM an beyond. We are coming for you Anita!

  2. Thanks Scott, I will continue to develop my TM capabilities & will share with the viewing public. Chicago's flat streets aren't going to hold me back.....


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