Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Workout

Little back-to-back action this weekend, coming off of a week of travel for work & a week where I just had very poor overall energy. So I used some stategery & put the Thursday workout in the AM & took the entire day off on Friday (which for me has been challenging of late). And I know some scoff at this notion, but I call that a day & a half of rest; if you have an AM workout on a Thursday, off all Friday, in my book that's a day & a half :)

Anywho, felt rest for Saturday & was on a mission to do a time efficient track workout at the Rush Copley Health-plex. Ran 21 miles at just under 8:15 pace, approximately 2:52 running time I believe. Started out about some 9 min miles, worked down to mostly miles around 7:50-8:05 the last 8-10 miles. That's my concept of speed work or progression work; but let's be honest, it takes me a while to warm-up & I'm a poor morning runner so that's just the way my run's go anyways. Kudos to my 2XU Compression Recovery Sock, Optimum Nutrition 2:1:1 Recovery, Drymax Max Protect Trail & my PT Foam Roller for all they did for me in terms of recovery this weekend; all of the above work very well for me. Feet & shoes have been doing especially well; have been wearing the Saucony Peregrine or Exodus 2.0 for the trail work, Drymax Trail 1/4's & 2XU calf guards.

Sunday was spent at the Springbrook Forest Preserve again, doing 5.54 mile loops on crushed-limestone. Great weather day on Sunday for running (in fact I think I have a bit of sun-burn, probably wind, but ya never know); little bit of a sloppy track, but never can complain about blue-bird & upper 30s in Feb. Completed 4 full loops at the 5.54 per variety & added an additional 3.5 out & 3.5 back section at the end to tally a 29 mile total in 4:16 running time. This was an even split workout, each of the miles from 8:30-9:15. Felt pretty solid the entire session; still having some IT Band discomfort unfortunately, so that's not very fun, but I honestly just don't like to talk about it. I've been working hard on it with multiple rolling sessions per day & it certainly didn't impede me & held up quite well over the weekend. 3 more weeks left then we'll be doing a full 12 day taper for the Buffalo Run 50 on March 24th on Antelope Island in Utah.

Saturday: 21 miles, 2:52 around 8:15 per
Sunday: 29 miles, 4:16 around 8:50 per
Week Total: 100 miles, 15 hours running, 2 tread sessions w/6,500' gain

Tried out my new 2XU shin guards this weekend w/Drymax Max Protect trail socks. And contrary to internet rumors, no I have not been wearing this 2XU product around the house on the weekends.... CLICK HERE

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