Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Weekend Workout

Brief update on training for the week of February 6th:
1st week of more focused strength/incline work went pretty well; as my well documented utilization of the treadmill came full circle. My goal between now & the Buffalo Run 50 is to continue to increase my weekly time spent running, hit certain general mileage goals & have focused work on speed &/or incline/strength mixed.

Had a solid week of work with 59 miles entering the weekend & 2 solid days of treadmill incline work included. Saturday I enjoyed an epic slog on the treadmill, which was comprised of a 4 hour workout of incline intervals; essentially upon warm-up I ran 1 mile at 11% grade (work is still slow, like 4-4.5mph), then .5 to 1.0 mile w/the grade brought back to 2.5%. My goal here will be to improve the speed & increase my "recovery" grade with a goal of building towards an Anita Ortiz style workout.

Sunday, a running buddy & I hit the in the suburbs of chicago for some nice flat, crushed limestone 5.54 mile loops. Got 4 complete loops in, in 3:25 for an approximate 22.2 miles or so. Pace was solid, around 9:00 to 9:15 the day & the legs felt quite fresh the majority of the work. So the weekend ended with approx 7:25 of running, with a large climbing session & some more tempo/recovery work on somewhat tired legs. All & all, quality work for certain.

Upcoming work:
Feb 13: strength week - that's right folks more treadmill shennanigans.
100ish miles, 17-19 hrs, 15k+ climb
Feb 20: speed week - 2-3 dedicated speed, back2back weekend tempos.
Feb 27: mix - 1 speed, 2 strength & 1 longer trail effort.
March 5: mix - 1 speed, 2 strength, 1 trail/1 tread on weekend
March 12: taper week!
March 19: race week

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