Friday, February 24, 2012

Week of Feb 20

Just finished up a little two a-day work-out at the track. Did a 10 miler this AM, followed up with another 10 miler tonight, for an even 20 for the day. Coming off an odd week of treadmill hell while on the road.

Plan was/is to get a focused week of treadmill incline work, really focus on getting lots of uphill/strength work in. Unfortunately I definitely struggled from an energy perspective this week, recovering from a pretty solid weekend & a great week of time running & mileage; combine that with some travel & it was a challenging week. Felt a good pick-up in terms of energy during the two workouts back at home today, which was great to see. This weekend will include a large & long treadmill session on Saturday AM with as much net elevation climb via incline tread as possible in a 3-4 hour timeframe. Sunday will be just a good outdoor follow-up run on tired legs. Shoot for about 40 miles for the weekend with atleast 7 hours of running in, should put me around 90-100 for the week.

Week to date:
Mon: 9 miles - recovery tread workout - 2,046' climb, 1:50 total time
Tues: 12 miles - hill/climb tread - 3,220' climb, 2:20 total time
Weds: 3 miles - recovery jog
Thurs: 12 miles - hill/climb tread - 3,721' climb, 2:40 total time
Fri: 20 miles - 10 mi @ 86 min workout #1, 10 miles @ 80 min workout #2
Sat: 16.75 miles - tread hill session - 3:30 duration, 5,570' total vert

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