Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Theme for the week

This is my theme for the week - hill training, incline training, whatever you want to call it. I live in the most superflat area you can imagine, so my trusty friend the treadvillain is assisting me in building my climbing base.

I've also become intrigued by the concept of what I'm told is called the "Anita Ortiz workout" (thanks @MasonHam). Which is "10 miles at 15% grade at 11:15 min/mile pace"; & as legend has it, if you can do that you are "ready for Hope Pass". So yeah, why not try it?

My treadmill workouts for the week of Feb 6:
Tuesday: 12 miles, 3,012' of climb, 2:35 total running time
Wednesday: 13 miles, 4,461' of climb, 2:40 total running time
Saturday: 18.70 miles, 6,098' of climb, 4:03 total running time
Total: 43.7 miles, 13,571' climb

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