Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sponsor News

Very exciting news today out of Team Viper world headquarters in Aurora, IL; not only did I eclipse the 10,000 tweet total but I've officially signed on with 2XU as a Brand Ambassador for the 2012 running season!

Very excited to be working with 2XU during my 2012 ultra season. My main motivation here is I want to toe the line at all of my starts this year in head to toe black compression gear, like a f*cking ninja! Kidding; I'm looking forward to testing much of their run gear; and especially the compression stuff. Throughout 2011 & the beginning of this year I've really been latching on to the benefits of compression for recovery, race & winter warmth even & think that the technology is very beneficial. Click here to take a look at their various compression products; key products I'm going to be interested in look at to start are the recovery compression tights & socks. As the training continues to ramp up moving towards my A-race Leadville, all the benefits of quick recovery I can utilize will be of huge importance. Looking forward to putting their product to use, providing feedback, etc. 2XU is obviously a well known brand in the running, swimming, cycling world; but I'm sure having the Team Viper name to put behind their product will add instant credibility to their technology & product :)

Lastly, on races. Getting real close to pulling the trigger on the Antelope Island Buffalo Run 50 miler near Salt Lake on March 24th. Looks like a solid couple races that this group puts on each year & would be an excellent location & timing for another race to the calendar. Haven't cleared it with "the boss" as of yet, but the logistics seem to fit well. That would make the 2012 race schedule flow as follows:
Buffalo Run 50m 3/24
Miwok 5/5
Leadville 8/18

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