Tuesday, February 7, 2012

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I added a new feature to the blog (look immediately to the right), which I named "Viper's Fave 5". I'll use this to post my current favorite running gear, items I use, great deals or feature products of my sponsors. Each of the items will link to the said product, deal, special, etc.

Kicked it off with a couple new items - here's what & why:
2XU Recovery Sock - this is one of my new most favorite items since I joined the 2XU team as a brand ambassador. compression for recovery is huge & this has been my favorite product in this genre to date. nothing better coming off long/hard work.

Sugoi Helium Jacket - i picked up this helium jacket on sale from Running Warehouse about 2 years ago & i am STILL obsessed with this thing. light, wind-proof, rain-proof, warm, just the absolute perfect layer for all seasons except for summer. sensational piece & it looks fucking rad!

Sugoi 42k split - sorry these are a little short, but hey they're great for tan lines =S. but seriously, the most fantastic running short i've ever used. hopefully, Sugoi will be naming me as a 2012 brand ambassador so i'll be able to speak more credibly to their excellence! see below for product demo at NYC Marathon corral...

Drymax Trail - honestly, where would i be without drymax? whether it's in my Vans, in the trail shoes, in the street shoes; i simply cannot take them off. see below image asserting the not only function but fashion offered by Drymax. Here's a recipe for success: drymax + skinny pants + vans (#urwelcome)

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  1. Great review. Thank you for the kind mention... also got your tweet shoot me a note with your info to bob@drymaxsports.com to discuss...


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