Thursday, January 5, 2012

This week in training

Going to be a bit of a lighter week due to some travel & a good buddies wedding this week; but not bad timing considering last week was a big week & we've average approx 91 miles per week over the last 6. So good to have a bit of an ease off on the mileage; next week will be big again, then we taper for the Windburn 6.

Been starting to work in hill work this week & thankfully due to a trip to Wisconsin will have 2 days of prime training logistics!. Above is an image of East Lake in Spread Eagle, WI. Good snow-cover on the road, nice rolling hills in the area & some good wooded trails makes for excellent hill work, & thankfully some more challenging training conditions.
Mon: 11 mile tempo > 7:45 avg, progressive, starting 8:20 p/mile descending
Tues: 10 mile hill > lake patterson night hill work-out - 18 min warm-up, 1:20 of up & down short but quite steep hill climbs, 18 min finish. this is maddening repetitive work I do here, but it's all I have given the flat terrain locally.
Weds: 12 mile easy > 12 mile indoor track work-out at 9:00 mile pace; nice & easy recovery run for mileage
Thurs: 12 mile hill > 12 mile hill work in Wisconsin; snow-covered road with solid terrain, 9:30 pace.
Friday: 3 hr hill/lake run > approx 16-17 miles, part hill work, part laps around the lakes. definitely challenging footing added to the challenge of the lake running.
Saturday: off
Sunday: 23 mile track > approx 8:40 or so pace, at the indoor track at the gym. felt pretty solid, clearly the off day was a help.

Exciting news coming soon of a new sponsor that will be partnering with Team Viper for the 2012 season. More details to come soon!

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