Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Next up.......

It's been a solid 8 weeks since the NYC Marathon & we've put a lot of training miles in, a lot of planning for 2012, a lot of crafting of training plans, etc. Finally, something to do! The "Windburn Six in the Stix 6-hour(New Leaf Ultra Runs)" is right around the corner! CLICK HERE for official registration if you're in the Chicagoland area....

This is the brain-child of Brian Gaines of Illinois who has quite a glut of crazy ultra-runner types in his facebook group page "New Leaf Ultra Runs". The race is a timed 6 hour event in a local forest preserve taking place from 8a-2p on January 28 in Bartlett, IL a Northwest Suburb of Chicago. The race will be ran on a 2.28 mile loop of crushed limestone; I've put in an official request for all left-hand turns, as any of ya'll who follow TeamViper on twitter will know that is my specialty from the #Viper200 event I ran in December (Viper 200 was simply a run I did where I ran 31 miles, or 203 laps on a 6.5 laps per mile track near my house, had deemed it the 'Viper200' for humor purposes).

Best thing for me about this race is it's not an official race so it doesn't count against my family imposed "race limit" for 2012 (I am limited to 3 official races for the entire year as part of my negotiation to be allowed to run in the Leadville 100). So that just leaves race logistics & expectations of course. Here's a quick run-down of my thoughts on the race, logistics & my expectations of myself:

1. weather - january 28 in chicago, could be f*cking cold
2. loops - love 'em, logistics should be easy, i don't get bored
3. preparation - mileage has been great, 6 hours should be comfy
4. weather - it could be extremely f*cking cold, it could be snowy
5. weather - could be windy as all hell; chicago don't f*ck around with wind
6. expectations - provided i warm up well; i plan to warm up to 9:00 miles & see how it goes. reasonable expectation should be in the 35-40 mile range. will set an over-under couple days prior to so y'all can start your wagering.

If you have any suggestions for running 6 hours in inclement (cold) weather please don't hesitate to share any ideas. Thanks & cheers!

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