Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Viper Update

About 4 months since the last update? That's about right, never been much of a blog person over the years. The most time I ever spent on a blog was when a buddy & I started a sports aggregation blog named Wade Bloggs, which was a blast but eventually fell apart.

At any rate; it's 2012 planning & I've been getting more & more into the sport of ultra running so I feel a great deal of peer pressure to keep a blog up to date & current. Additionally, I feel obliged to start completing race reports, product reviews, etc as it seems that's what runners do. I'm working right now on some real low level partnerships for the 2012 ultra race season. I currently have commitments from my day job company Belkin International, Inc. & a good friends company CutThroat Anglers in Silverthorne, CO. Those 2 companies will be working with me specifically sponsoring my efforts in Leadville this coming August in 2012.

Coming soon I will be demo'ing new product for Ecco Biom trail shoes for their 2012 line-up & will be providing review information on that new product. I will also be covering my training program for the Leadville 100 race in Leadville, CO. If you're not familiar with Leadville check out this video by Team Salomon on last years winning effort by Salomon international team star Ryan Sandes.

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