Thursday, December 29, 2011

Holiday two-a-day

One of my favorite things about the holidays is how things slow down at work & there's much more time to be home, more down time, etc. So given the extra time & desire for some crazy training efforts I came up with this plan for this week > In an effort to continue to build mileage & try different methods of training I decided to do 4 days of two-a-day workouts this week in between the holidays. Each day consisting of an AM work-out & a PM work-out of roughly 10 miles each; that would net me 20 miles per day over 4 days, 80 miles total.

I feel like I'm always trying to do different things in training & a lot of it is just what I pick up off other runners. One of my favorite elite runner-tweeters is Devon Crosby-Helms is almost notoriously jamming 2 workouts a day & was the inspiration for splitting the workouts & doing a strong session like this (kudos). This is how the workouts broke down:
Mon AM - 8a, 10 mile track run, 82 mins
Mon PM - 7:30p, 10 mile outdoor run, 84 mins
Tues AM - 8:30a, 10 mile track run, 90 mins
Tues PM - 7:30p, 10 mile track run, 82 mins
Weds AM - 9:00a, 10 mile hill workout, 1:50 in duration *estimated mileage
Weds PM - 7:30p, 10 mile track run, 88 mins
Thurs AM - 9:30a, 10 mile track run, 87 mins
Thurs PM - 5:30p, 10 mile trail run, 82 mins

Overall the runs have felt good; I've been very happy that I've been able to keep each of the runs (sans the hill workout) in the sub 9 min/mile pace quite easily. Too much track I know, what can I say, there are so many conveniences - my gym has a 5.2 laps per mile track that is my go to for sure. Although the morning continues to be the roughest time, just general tiredness & soreness is the recurring theme there. The tiredness was definitely cray; during the day in-between runs was just incredibly challenging to stay awake, go figure right? It was also like a calorie binge, would like to personally thank FRS for keeping me awake & Chobani for providing the calories, I am indebted to you both.

I'm in the phase where my goal here is to build overall fitness, mileage & conditioning. Realistically at this point I'm basically thinking of this as my endurance training for Miwok & Leadville, with the next phase really being the climbing & strength phase. The last 2 weeks I've been building the hill work back into my weekly running but overall I've just been more concerned with logging lots of miles & getting better fitness so that I'm prepared for more substantial strength work.

Tonight capped off two-a-days for four days this week, leaving me with 80 miles. Plan is to take 2 days off (with some cross-training, massage tomorrow) & do a longer 20-30 miler on Sunday to make 100-110 for the week depending on how I recover. Let me know if you have any thoughts on the two-a-day style & or layering the mileage in this fashion.......Happy New Year!

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