Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Race

So I've definitely been in need of some racing for a while. Had thought of doing a 50k in MS this weekend but it just didn't fit right in the personal, work & training schedule. I opted instead for my 3 day "training camp" or getaway to Colorado; will be staying with some friends in Silverthorne, CO & tackling the Colorado Trail & trails of Breck & Copper Mountains for 3 days. It will be a big test to see how I handle the altitude & the climbing (it's been a while for each).

At any rate; haven't had a race since May 1 & have been training for a solid 11 weeks now, so like golf in the spring, the itch is coming back. To this point I have 3 races on the calendar; focal point being of course my first Ultra in Alta, WY on 9/3 (Grand Teton Races 50 Mile) which has been the focus of my training. Past that I am scheduled to pace the Chicago Marathon for Nike on 10/9 & am running the NYC Marathon on 11/6 for Brooks raising funding for CURE Childhood cancer. Neither of those races will I be "racing"; so that leaves me looking for something to do next. Also, keep in mind, the wife isn't exactly thrilled with the concept of me tackling more ultras (which will just be an ongoing work in progress based on my enthusiasm for the sport that I've developed over the past 11 weeks).

So I'm looking for some help to figure out what is next to tackle in terms of races or ultras yet this fall. Please let me know if you have any recommendations or ideas. Key is proximity to airports of which Southwest flies & scheduling.

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