Monday, July 25, 2011

LG Long Run

So I set out on a Sunday for a very long run training effort; had planned on trying to tackle 2 loops around the Lake Geneva lake path for a total of 42.8 miles. Probably a much longer training run then needed for the 50 mile race I'm preparing for. However, the last time I had run the lake path I was kind of motivated to try it & had questioned whether or not I could complete that.

Well the bad news was the storms that had been in the area all weekend also were there on Sunday. I set out west towards Fontana bay & could see the storms coming in hot; so I quickly had to double track back towards downtown Lake Geneva; for the first 1.5 hours it seemed as though I was just barely staying in front of the storms. Once I got to downtown Lake Geneva I could see that there was lightning present everywhere around the lake & that my only real way to avoid the severe weather was to head inland down some county roads; so I did that abandoning my initial plan. The key thing that really made the day brutal was the humidity. At the start it was 72 degrees with 98% humidity; by finishing time it was 84 sunny with 70% humidity, not making for ideal conditions to be running. But the good news is is that going inland I avoided the heavy storms; never even hit any rain during the course of the run. Once the weather had passed I made my way back to the lake path & finished the initial loop that I had set out on.

When all was said & done I got about 7 hours in; the last 50-60 minutes were walking at a decent pace. Estimation of 35-37 miles. So not what I had hoped, but the legs felt great, the gear was great, my hydration & nutrition felt great; so many positives. Next weekend is Colorado for some altitude training, will be interested to see how I respond to that.

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