Wednesday, July 20, 2011


So with these ridiculous temperatures & heat indexes in the midwest hydration is all the rage. Every other tweet is related to running tips specific to hot weather & dealing with the heat. Being that I'm finally getting into some more extended efforts & the temps have risen; I have made the jump to the hydration pack. I actually did a ton of research on the various different types & obviously there are a ton out there; one great resource I found was Running & Rambling - they have reviews on many different types.

I finally ended up selecting the Ultimate Direction Wasp on the recommendation & Review of R&R & the recommendation of Michael Chastain. So far so good out of the box, we'll be putting her to the test this coming Saturday with an extended run on the Kettle Moraine Ice Age Trail in Wisconsin.

2 main motivations for my move to the Hydra Pack - 1) I'm worried about some pain I am getting in my right hand from holding the hand-held water bottles. To this point I've been using 2 hand-helds for all my runs & simply refilling. This method has been good & is probably what I will go with on runs less then say 100M, but I am definitely getting some shoulder strain & this hand pain is very odd; it almost feels like a bit of carpal tunnel. 2) At Kettle for example; I'm very uncertain as to where I have access to water. Not a big deal when I'm going for 2-3 hour run; but when you're doing a long out & back & it's hot, not a huge fan of the concept of sitting in the woods dehydrated. Key things will definitely be weight & chaffing; not interested in lugging a ton of extra weight or dealing with chaffing issues; but the benefits of transporting some items more comfortably & having more reserve water is definitely worth a try.

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