Sunday, October 28, 2018

There's always next year

I know I said this two years ago, but this time I mean it!  I'm back & back with a purpose!  As the Brewers found out the hard way, there's always next year!  But for me, it's more about planning for next year!  Both from a running & a purpose perspective I've been working on putting something together which would be more of that "why" for ultra-running purposes, but also a charter for some broader service-oriented effort.

And what do you know; I think I am on to something.  If you follow me on Strava you'll know that I've taken up the Peloton in a big way in the past 2 months.  Couple reasons, 1) I've never actually taken care of my achilles issues which started back in 2012 (yikes!), 2) I've always been horrible at cross-training.  With a goal of taking some time off running & yet keeping up the cardio, it's been a great discovery for me.

During the Peloton, I'm a frequent consumer of the Rich Roll podcast.   Which is where I came across Scott Harrison, on his recent interview talking about his new book Thirst.  And boom, there we go, immediate inspiration.  What a great story & my contemplation here is this as a part of my broader goal combined with running for next year.  I'm still cooking up the overall charter, objectives & way to integrate the two interests, so stay tuned for more (stay tuned, if there are any of you out there still).

And check out Thirst if you're interested & become a supporter if you're so inclined.

That being said, I am bringing back the blog to chronicle this journey towards having a mission, having a "why" as I get back into long distance running.  I realize I need to focus more on service based on all of my learnings from the podcast & based on logic.  So I am hoping that these joint interests can be a great kick starter for 2019!

- Viper

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Don't call it a comeback!

6.16 Update :  race 1 of the Grandmas Double Challenge is complete
the 5k at 6:00pm is in the books!  strava data here
meeting the team at the "finish line" at 2:30a for the 6th running of the Grandmas Double'm back.  I almost entirely forgot about my affinity for blogging!  Over the past few years I've existed almost purely on trolling orange Trump, parenting & selling the shit out of some cloud services!  For those of you who have been around for the golden age of Viper, I appreciate your support & will do my best to provide optimal enjoyment going forward.  For those who are new to the blog; BRACE FOR IMPACT

Ok - so this weekend is the Grandmas Double!  As chronicled by the legendary My Lead Feet; this is an epic fat ass which he founded in an effort to prepare himself for the Leadville 100.  As a side, this year is particularly interesting because of the journey that My Lead Feet is on with his huge running goals & the fact that he's got a broken hip as well; check out the write-up here if you haven't on his quest for WS100 glory, injury, running Leadville with his son, etc.  So needless to say; I'll have a huge advantage as I'm racing someone who is a grandpa & that has a broken hip.  But regrettably, Viper isn't in his finest condition!  As I haven't run an ultra in who knows how long, am coming in a beefy 30 lbs overweight & have the motivation of a 36 year old suburban business man from Chicago.  But I am pumped to be competing & My Lead Feet along with what is reported to be an additional "6-8 competitors" will be certain to make it fun.  PLUS, I get a camera this year for the making of the video; and I must say, my sense of humor has only gotten better over time, he will either celebrate or regret the decision to let me use a camera.  Here's a good chronicle of the past video for the Grandmas Double, I participated in 2015
Race Video - 2016
Race Video - 2015
Race Video - 2014
Race Video - 2013
Race Video - 2012

But the mojo is slowly coming back!  I'm at 1,367 miles YTD, been ramping up the weekly mileage, firing my stoke back up, consuming tons of stoke-inspiring shred photos from DBO on Insta & am in the early phases of working on the diet & scale tipping impact of being a slob for the past 2 years.  Will talk more about upcoming goals & such; but for now, it's to get a very healthy 55 mile weekend in at the Grandmas Marathon in Duluth!  I have the pleasure of taking part in the "Grandmas Challenge + Grandmas Double" which includes a 5k Friday night, the "Double" starting at 2:30a local time on Saturday.  It's sure to be fun, so please follow me & My Lead Feet on Twitter & check back for the write-up.

And lastly,  I've got a pretty solid reward waiting for me when I get back; my very own "work event" for Metallica at Soldier Field, to celebrate Father's Day with 18 of my favorite clients!  Should be a nice little rock show & fun event, assuming I can walk still & what not.

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